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Transformed Companies through Mergers & Acquistions

In the midst of the 2008 global financial crisis, Business Venture Incorporated (BVI) helped transformed several high-potential assets companies on the verge of bankruptcy through mergers and acquistions by adopting the blitzkrieg-style takeovers.

Precious Metals Land in EU Market Transactions

In 2007, Business Venture Incorporated (BVI) was established in the United States. Since establishing, the company has developed into one of the largest suppliers of online financial derivatives in the world.


In the light of the U.S. dollar’s depreciation, geopolitical factors and the demand for safe-haven, gold price will form strong support. London’s gold market opened at the beginning of the year at USD 1151.2/ounce, then rebounded in April to USD 1296/ounce.

Boosts Industry Upgrading

Resource demands have increased due to globalization leading to the rise on mining operations.